Under, Over, Solos and Developments

Under curve and over curve

I have been doing rehearsals for my solo at Brixton and at Oval and we have been adding new bits, movement and making changes to my solo. We did my had a rehearsal with the whole team which included Jacobus ( Associate Artist) Daniel (musician) and Sarah (Director) and that was good.  We were preparing for Bristol performance at the Old Vic Studio.

Bristol Performance at the Old Vic Studio

I went to Bristol with Corali on Friday 18th of January we came back on Saturday 19th January. I went with Jacobus, Sarah, Paul (Corali Dancer) Zara (Producer) and Jon (photographer)

We met up with Daniel in Bristol and we made our way to Old Vic which is where we were performing at 8pm. Zara, Corali’s Producer came to watch, I enjoyed it, we stayed over 1 night in Premier inn.

 It was very nice I enjoyed performing at The Old Vic in Bristol. After I performed I was able to watch Tom Marshman pieces and I enjoyed watching Impermanence as well. I loved watching Paul’s solo because I loved reading the poem. I had a great smile on my face after doing my solo. We all had a great time.


Testing Testing Testing

I have been to Tate Modern for the Testing, Testing, Testing event on Saturday 24th of November to deliver Corali IDENT ideas. We were delivering Corali’s ways of working by showing them how we create dance using inspiration from art at the Tate Modern. There was also different companies taking part in Testing, Testing, Testing like Heart n soul and Octavia.

In our section we asked members of the public to draw their name and create their own identity. We worked with lots of good people we had lots of members of the public coming in to take part. We had a good day. We had different stations, one of the stations were drawing IDENTS and another one was dancing, the last one was trying out IDENTS into dance.I helped people with IDENTS drawing and explaining to them what they have to do. I was on the drawing station it was exhausting but it was good, we had lots of public engaging in our workshop they were good. The space we had was amazing and interesting to do dance in


Research and Development

I am working with Julie Cunningham in February for two workshops it will be in studio based at the The Place. We will be doing things like lots of moving working together, trying out things and learning new from each other. I am looking forward to work with Julie Cunningham it will be good I can’t wait to meet her, I know it will be  fun. It will be new for me to work with Julie Cunningham and it will be good experience. I have been to see her Company perform twice now and enjoyed her work. We will be using new ideas from Julie Cunningham’s and sharing my work that I do with Corali and creating new ideas. I am excited!