Inspiring for 30 years.....

Corali is delighted to be celebrating this special milestone!

We are taking a moment to reflect on a wonderful 30 years by collecting 30 quotes from different people about how Corali has inspired them. We hope you enjoy taking a moment to read these (preferably over a cuppa!)… If you’d like to gift a quote then we’d love to hear from you. Drop Jen a line at

#23 / 30

'My 16 years so far with Corali: finding joyous moments of surprising magic in a movement; an unexpected tangent that takes an idea suddenly somewhere more interesting; seeing creative artists grow, find a voice, and inspire others (as I learn and am inspired myself).'

- Jacobus Flynn, Corali's Associate Artistic Director

Photo of Jacobus and Jackie working on our Fluxbox Project

Corali - Big Draw 27.10.2018-2.jpg

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'Coming to Kick Up means I am part of a diverse crew of people with lots of aspiration and creativity'

- Fabian Ofori, Kick Up Dancer

Image of Fabian, DJ and Sherri at British Museum’s Lottery Big Draw Project
Photo by @joncarchdeacon

Corali Rehearsal - 'Technicolor Everyday'

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'Corali are a joy to work with; their rigour, dedication and progressive approach to dance as an art form has inspired me as much, if not more, than some of the top artists and companies I’ve had the pleasure to work with.'

- Daniel Hay-Gordon, Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, Performer and CoFounder of Thick & Tight

Image is one of Corali's favourites from the archives! Jackie and Danny rehearing for Technicolour Everyday, photo by @JonCArchdeacon

Explore & PDC June 2018

#20 / 30

'As someone that came into dance later in life, I wasn’t sure how my career would be shaped. I found Corali 10 years ago, and I can say that this journey hasn’t only shaped and challenged my dance career more than I could of imagined, it has also been a constant inspiration working with so many unique people that all share a value for individual creativity. I am honestly privileged to be a part of the Corali family.'

- Kasia Masloswka, Corali Associate Artist and Facilitator

Photo of Kasia and company dancer Graham taken by @JonCArchdeacon


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'Corali is one of the brightest lights in my four decades-plus history of watching dance-based performance, and for many reasons, among them the company's open-hearted, enquiring and revelatory sense of creativity. Few ensembles know how to play so artfully while also shining individually. Every encounter with them has been a distinct pleasure.'

- Donald Hutera, dance writer (The Times), curator, dramaturg and performer

Image from Technicolour Everyday at The Place, March 2019 photo @joncarchdeacon

Corali - Big Draw 27.10.2018-21.jpg

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‘I love coming to Kick Up to dance, I take part and its nice to be around other dancers and be part of a group that performs to audiences’

- Nicola Corcoran, Kick Up Dancer and Professional Development Class participant

Image taken at the British Museum’s Big Draw, photo @joncarchdeacon

Tea Time Coversations-22.jpg

#17 / 30

'Watching Corali in rehearsal and performance is a delight! The company's ability to develop such mastery from each dancer and empower them to devise and realise their own creative ideas is an exquisite example of how we should all be connecting with each other to see the incredible potential we each have.'

- Zara Rush, Corali's Producer

Image taken at Tea Time Conversations, held at The Place in March 2019. The event brought together arts professionals to talk about establishing learning disabled artists to be recognised as artists.
Photo by @joncarchdeacon

Corali Curates-86.jpg

#16 / 30

“My thoughts about Corali… I love touring and dancing with Corali and meeting and working with new people. It’s always a fresh new adventure! I have learnt so much in the 14 years of working with Corali”

- Graham Evans - Corali Dance Artist

Image of Graham performing in Technicolour Everyday at The Place 2019, photo by @joncarchdeacon

Corali Curates-34.jpg

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“Being with Corali Dance Company I am always around positive, creative, lively and fun people. I think people with a learning disability should have their own voice and speak up in their own way, and Corali helps me do this!”

- Bethan Kendrick - Corali Dance Artist

Image of Bethan performing her solo work Under Curve, Over Curve at The Place 2019, photo by @joncarchdeacon

Action Research-20.jpg

#14 / 30

'Corali generates so many ideas and discussions that broaden people's perception of disability arts. I have been lucky enough to see the transformational work that Corali does through its participatory and professional artwork and it has been a real pleasure to be part of that journey. Corali has nutured the creative minds of many and I look forward to the next 30 years of adventures.'

- Andrea Swainson, and this week launches her promotion to Engagement & Outreach Manager for Corali - we are thrilled! Thank you for all your work and dedication over the years!

Image of Andrea working on our Action Research Project 2019

#13 / 30

When bridges are built
Across oceans and land,
Opportunities transpire
Connections form shapes
That creativity inspire
A common language
Through movement is spoken,
Uniqueness is celebrated in our dance
And so the bridge continues to stand,
When every artist is given their chance.
- Carly Butler - Associate Artist & Facilitator

Image of Carly & DJ on their recent trip to Jakarta 2019 as part of a British Council Project with Impermanence Dance Theatre

Corali - Bethlem October 2017.

#12 / 30

'Corali is a wonderful example of how society should be'

- Michael Wicherek, Artistic Director, Box Clever Theatre Company

Image of Corali making Find Your Way Bethlem Gallery photo by @joncarchdeacon

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'It's good to have Corali. Since joining the company I have gained a huge amount of skills and knowledge. They teach and support in a way that I understand and can grow as a person and a dancer'

- Nicole Jackson - Corali Support Artist

Image: Nicole facilitating on Corali's Dance and Performance Workshop Course at Morley College.

Corali Curates-66.jpg

#10 / 30

'I think what impresses me about Corali is the quality of the work. Their performances are a fire of imagination and wonder.'

- Leon Clowes, Development Manager, Drake Music

Image: Adieu performed in Corali with Invited Guests Thick & Tight at The Place in March 2019

image 1.jpg

#9 / 30

'Anybody can be an artist. What you have to do is find a way to get to the heart of a performer and Corali do that; they pull the best out of everybody.'

- David Natt, Parent of Corali Artist Paul Davidson

Image: Bethan Kendrick and Julie Cunningham in a research and development rehearsal, photo by Jon C Archdeacon


#8 / 30

'When Corali is on stage I can’t help but notice what accomplished artists they have become through the years. Their professionalism and creativity never cease to amaze me.'

- Marianne Rouvier-Angeli, Corali Associate Artist

Image: Corali at British Museum Big Draw 2018 - photo by Jon C Archdeacon

Kick Up At Guys Hospital

#7 / 30

'Corali is about developing skills and creativity. When we are all together we are ability not disability.'

- Paul Davidson, Corali Dance Artist

Image: Kick Up performing Bowled Over at Guy’s Hospital - photo by Jon C Archdeacon


#6 / 30

'Corali has inspired me because I see people express themselves in the most amazing ways, sometimes when they’ve spent their lives being told they lack the ability to express themselves.'

- Dr Simon Jarrett, Corali Trustee

Image: Corali Ident Workshop at Tate - photo by Jon C Archdeacon


#5 / 30

'Corali has always challenged me to think about the role an artist has in society. It reminds me how important it is for us all to be seen and recognised as creative individuals.'

- Daniel Weaver, musician and composer for Corali

Image: Bethan Kendrick and Daniel Weaver in Under Curve, Over Curve at The Place, March 2019. Photo by Jon C Archdeacon

Untitled design.png

#4 / 30

'Corali has really changed my life forever for the future. It's given me extra skills to be recognised for my creativity.'

- DJ Hassan, Corali Dance Artist

Image: DJ in rehearsal for Technicolour Everyday, photo by Jon C Archdeacon

Untitled design-5.jpg

#3 / 30

‘Working with Corali inspired me to be a better communicator, dance maker and friend. I have had some of my favourite times in the studio with Corali dancers - their generosity, talent and commitment is a joy to be around and the vision of Sarah and her colleagues is an inspiration. Here’s to the next 30 years!’

- Jasmine Wilson, Director of Learning & Engagement, Studio Wayne McGregor

Image: Paul Davidson performing Dreams of Flying Reworked at The Place, photo by Jon C Archdeacon

Corali Rehearsal - 'Technicolor Everyday'

#2 / 30

‘Corali makes me so grateful, learning how to travel, warm up and develop as a dancer.’

- Veneshia Bailey, Corali Dance Artist

Image: Veneshia in dress rehearsal for Technicolour Everyday, photo by Jon C Archdeacon

UDance at TLaban 2019, image - Roswitha Chesher LR-218.JPG

#1 / 30

‘When you work with people whose creativity inspires you, continuously surprises you and who are great fun, then time just disappears. 25 Corali years in my case and what an incredible journey it continues to be...’

- Bridget Chew, Associate Director, Corali

Image: Kick Up performing Bowled Over at U.Dance 2019 / Photo by Roswitha Chesher

Jennifer Dyer