Bethan’s blog about 9 Windows Reimagined

In rehearsals we did we did tracing about bricks on different levels, choosing your favourite one and showing the other performers.


We passed a mirror across the line. Then we went across the space with our movements from photographs that we looked at. I choose a good movement and then everyone followed my movement across the space – it was water. I enjoyed it then we did duet I was working with Nicola from Kick up, working on my water movement. I enjoyed working with Kick Up they are good people to work with.

I like sharing with Kick up and how they move. I liked their movements with different styles and how they used their body in different ways. I like to learn different ways of moving and how to move my body. I like to learn how to be part of the team. I like to learn how to dance in different styles and with funky music.

I like to gain new qualities in in my dancing. I like to use fluid movements and make it more smooth and flowy.

I like to learn new things with Kick up and how they move and how they use their body. I like to be professional in working with Kick up and to take part.


I like leading in whole group with my water movement. I like leading with another person to do a duet together. I enjoyed leading it was my favourite part of the experience – I like to have leadership skills to help me to get more confidence.

I enjoyed dancing so much. I enjoyed working with Kick up it was good experience for me.

Jennifer Dyer