Bethan and Jackie at the British Museum

British Museum 3rd December

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

I liked going to British Museum for the advisory group meetings with Carly, Jackie it was good and interesting. We split into groups to decide what we wanted to deliver as part of the International Day of Person with Disabilities.

We had to start preparing and collecting ideas and brought it back for group discussion.

Jackie and I decided to do a performance and then we chose to work with a live musician. Jackie really wanted to do our performance in the Japanese exhibition room and to do a sharing of our creative process, so that’s what we did.

 We met up with Luke to talk about music and sounds and recorded sounds and music. The instruments that Luke had was Bassoon and he also had recordings to go with his instrument. We all listened to it together, it was good.

Then we had rehearsals of our performance and keep practicing. Once we were happy we moved to the Japanese gallery to look at the spacing of where we are going to perform. We re-looked at the objects that we chosen for our inspiration to remind us. We then performed. We had a good audience on the day, that was amazing. I had to ask the audience if they wanted to come with us to look around the gallery together. We then showed the audience the objects and then we asked them to do the movements. Luke came around with us and also shared how he created the music. I enjoyed the day, I liked working with Orlagh, Carly, Luke they were amazing.

Jennifer Dyer