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Corali is a leader in dance-performance created by artists with learning disabilities. Our practice is made through a process of artistic collaboration. We explore the relationship between performers with and without learning disabilities, between dance and other art forms, and between professional and participatory artwork.

Our dancer-performers are at the heart of all our artistic activity, and our authenticity comes from their understanding of the world, wonderful uniqueness and talent.

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Corali has three main strands of activity:

  • We produce original, devised performances in a variety of settings, including high profile arts venues, pop up and site-specific
  • We offer ongoing professional development and training opportunities
  • We deliver a full programme of engagement and outreach activities

Corali is based in South London but works in partnership with venues and arts organisations across the capital and beyond, including Tate, Ovalhouse, Pavilion Dance South West (Bournemouth), CGP London, Attenborough Arts (Leicester), Impermanence Dance Theatre (Bristol), Access All Areas and Sadler’s Wells.



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Corali 'Jump, Turn, Speak!



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You can download Corali’s most recent annual reports and accounts by clicking on the link below:

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Click here to download Corali’s most recent Business Plan – called A Vision for Corali

Buisness Plan 2016-20

Business plan 2011-13

Business Plan 2008-10


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Set up in 1989 Corali is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee based at Ovalhouse in Lambeth. It has an annual turnover of around £100, 000. Two part-time staff run the Company, the Artistic Director (Sarah Archdeacon), and the Participation Officer (Andrea Gerrett), with the help of regular office volunteer, Bethan Kendrick, (who has a learning disability). A 5-strong Board of Directors oversees the Company and a committed team of 5 freelance educationalists and regular volunteers facilitates its project work. There are seven permanent performers with learning disabilities. Click here to view the team.


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Corali originated in a Day Centre in Southwark and was founded by one of the centre’s social services workers, Virginia Moffat. At that time Corali was a casual dance group, formed as a result of the clients’ interest and enjoyment of dance and the arts. The name Corali is an anagram of the first letters of the original company members’ names.

It was clear that the company was very committed, and developed a reputation for engaging and entertaining shows. In 1991, the company received an initial grant of £6,000 from Charity Projects and the company moved away from the day centre and set up independently, based in an office at a local community centre. It was also at this time that Virginia left the company to pursue her own career and she handed over the baton to Sarah Dawson and Susan Norwood (as Director and Choroegrapher respectively).