Candoco dveleopment dayCandoco Dance Development Day

By Paul Davidson and DJ

We met up at Greenwich Station to meet with Kasia (Corali Facilitator) and walked together to the Clock Tower. Today was our day of heading to the Candoco professional class in the morning followed by the Candoco Dance Development Day, which was led by Megan. We arrived at Greenwich Dance Agency; this was Pauls first time of experiencing GDA. Paul said the studios were beautiful, old and very big. We saw everyone warming up and it was a beautiful calming space, we gradually got ourselves into the morning Candoco class. The morning was very calm and the atmosphere was friendly. We slowly woke up the body and mind naturally. Paul remembered that that they massaged a partner with tapping and switched so everyone had a turn to relive any tensions in the muscles. Then we stretched out the muscles ready for the day’s session.

We started on the floor and felt the weight and heaviness of our bodies, using rocking, tapping, swinging to gradually wake us up. We used our own flow and rhythm based on our bodies individual needs. After this Paul remembers working in duets working with the ideas of lines, circles and improvising your dance flow and isolation. We did this to remind ourselves of the body and to refocus on remembering to “release” in order to find freedom in our movement. We travelled from wall to wall using those ideas. DJ shared the travelling experience with two new people in the group using the sequence to travel from one side to the other.

Communication through eye contact was something that was really important to Paul, we were told to use this as a way communicating in our duet to use the body and eye contact to communicate when dancing.

DJ was very excited to see they had a live percussionist who played the drums and piano. It has been a while since he had done a class with a musician and felt as though he had a strong engagement with the class. The musician worked with our improvisation of the group and the individual dancer’s, which was amazing!

Paul – “it’s a very nice feeling to have live music, its like you want to dance in a new world and dance differently because new dance is exciting. It helps me feel that I can believe in myself and am I being creative enough. It gives me more creativity’

We started working in two circular groups and connecting the group’s together using body parts as a way of finding another dancer. It gave us that feeling as though we were always connected.

After this we both had an hour to have lunch and a catch up before we went into the Candoco Dancer Development Day.

The afternoon session had such a great flow and we were both pushed outside of our comfort zones and looked at new ways of working/moving. We worked on an idea that there was plants and grass that covered the whole of the dance floor and we were asked not to destroy them and to keep moving in the motion. Lucy and Toke from Candoco told us to keep it moving but not to use rolling, or huge impact on the floor. This proved to be quite difficult…….

“The floor work was something that felt very different to how I have moved before. It was awkward, but awkward can be good, the more you do the awkward the better you improve as a dancer” Paul

“ It took me some time to figure out what I was doing but once I broke through it I went with it, it was a great sensation. I really learnt something there that day. To let my mind sink and to really be relaxed and let my mind go and let my body take over” DJ

We gradually moved to our feet and worked more creatively in partners, we both made a conscious effort to work with new people in the room and started with a really fun creative game. We played with connections using different body parts and how to break away. The group then worked its way into becoming one big group. We had amazing connections with people in the group and the Candoco Dancers gave us great ways of how to work with each other and experimenting with the movement.

The second part of the class we watched some of the Candoco repertoire and Paul recognised Toke one of the Danish dancers who was also facilitating on the day and supported Paul which his dancing. Megan then took us to working with ideas around based on the repertoire. Working with how your body moves and responding to your partners response. The last exercise of the day we were given 5 different commands and improvised based on those ideas.

We had a great day and came away with so much as individual dancers……

DJ   “As a dancers I found new ways of communicating through the body and through the connection of other people in the space. Going along on the day, I learnt so much and had a great day. Candoco kept it professional and kept the pace going. We had a strong engagement within the group. I loved the rolling technique, I never thought I would master it and was pushed out my comfort zone but I GOT IT!!’

Paul “ I found the day very exciting and discovered new ways to work creatively, it was a way of developing your freedom of your body. It felt SO enjoyable!!!!! I am an experimental dancer so learning something new and different was exciting. Making something new is exciting and I enjoyed working being in engaged with the process, it makes a lot more sense to me as a dancer. I had to believe in myself and going along to the dancers development day made me have a lot more belief in my movement”


1:1 evaluation sessions 2015








Corali 1:1 Session

In our 1:1 sessions in 2014 we looked back at the previous years work in 2013 to 2014, to talk about we what achieved during that time and then we looked at what we wanted to achieve in 2014 and 2015. We looked at what we wanted to improve on and what goals we would like to achieve. We wrote a letter to ourselves from ourselves, which was funny!

I read my letter today and it was nice to look back at the achievements I have made and that I have achieved all my goals that I set myself.

Here is the Letter that I wrote.

Dear Bethan.

I am writing to let you know that I am proud of in 2013 and 2014 that I achieved following.

  1. Adding warm up movements to the music in Professional Development Class.
  1. Supporting People in my Placement with B.Diverse adults with learning Disabilities.
  1. Proud of organising the Conference for the steering Committee, Carousel, I’m representing Corali.

In 2014 & 2015 I want to achieve the following:

  1. Improve by keep doing my Class Reminders.
  1. Improve by doing Time keeping for Wednesday’s Class
  1. Following my Support Artist training. I like to lead more workshops with Corali.

Best Wishes

Bethan Kendrick

It was nice to read over the letter and see that I have achieved all 3 goals.

I was proud.



Summer 2015 update


BethanI have been filmed for the Downs Syndrome Association Website for the Get Active Get involved Awareness week. This was filmed earlier in the year. Here is a link to the film it is called lets Dance and I talk about being active and dancing.

On Monday 25th of May I did a performance at Swiss Church near Covent Garden it was part of the Just Festival. I performed Origami Atoms and also DJ performed Overlap.

On Monday 1st of June, I went to Side by Side book launch at Tate Modern it was good Event. I did the feedback in the microphone from the group discussion. I was very confident and I spoke very clear.

On Thursday 7th of May I went to an exhibition to see Marlene Dumas at Tate modern. We were talking about face expressions and faces as well. We also did gestures for the faces expressions in the exhibition.

We are making a new piece for the V&A performance on 27th of June and 28th of June. The piece that we are making is called Paradise on Earth Give and Take. We are doing rehearsals to make the new piece for the performance.

This summer we are performing at Greenside School, V&A, Chelsea Arts Collective, Oval House and Access All Areas training/sharing day with Arts Base as well. We are performing various pieces at each of them.

For those who missed Corali’s Sadler’s Wells performance, we have created a video with highlights of all three performances and our post show talk. This was filmed at created by Hydar. Please see the video’s that I am in and here is the link to the video

I have also went to see Impermance perform at Arts Space on Wednesday 6th of May. It was good, the performers who was in it were Brilliant. Danny and Rosie from Impermance was in the show and they were fantastic .

Bethan May 2015 blog update


On Sunday 22nd of March we did an Performance at Sadler’s Wells it was part of the Equal Dance Programme. We Performed Empty Theatre Dream, Origami Atoms and DJ’s solo Overlap. And after the Performances we had Post show Discussion. I enjoyed the Performances and Post show Discussion. We are doing more Performances in May and June.

On Wednesday at Professional Development Class we did a warm up and going over animals travelling across the room – we did a new sequence and then we looked at video’s of different animals and how they move. Then we made different choreographies of different animals and use that to travel.


On Tuesday 21st of April. I went to Carousel legacy meeting at Face front it was good. I went with Sarah and DJ. We talked about values and how to change things, and how we improve it and new things that we want to have.

We also had Corali Celebration evening – it was good, we watched extracts of the performances and we had nibbles and gave out certificates for Arts Award, Kick up 14 Youth, and also for Support Artist training. And we saw Photo’s of what Arts Award Kick up People did.

Bethan February update

On Wednesday 7th of January we did an Auditions at Brixton Arts Space  with Jasmine Wilson from Random Dance Company. We were using body parts, travelling and making Solo’s with our names, and also working on our own to create a name Solo with different body parts and working with partners.

On Tuesday 20th of January I went to Carousel Creative minds meeting in Brighton.  We were talking about Values and Stereotypes and some other things, as well about working in the Arts and talking about Politics in different organisations.

On Wednesday’s we have a Development Class in Brixton we do lots of exploring ideas, travelling working with different body parts and also using different levels, breathing, balancing using feet warm up in different ways.

Dance into Space – Ondiege Mathew Company Director. A voluntary Dance Project in Kenya led by Kasia Maslowska and Carly Butler

Our major project in Kenya was with a group of dancers with a range of backgrounds and abilities. Two of our participants were physically disabled, mostly working out of their wheelchair. They both professionally collaborated within the group, during the project and inspired us to explore new ways of moving through the space.


All the Dancers came together through the work of Ondiege Mathew who is the Director of Dance into Space, his own professional Dance Company for disabled and Non-disabled dancers. This is run at the Go Down Arts Center in Nairobi.

This creative process project covered, Vinyasa Yoga, Release technique, Contact Improvisation, introduction to Laban Movement Analysis and creative devising. During this project we discovered how important this type of training was for these young dancers and how limited their resources are for learning dance theory, creative exploration and different techniques. We had an exceptional time with them due to their hard working attitude and dedication to the learning process. One of the participants Prince who is an experienced dancer shared with us feedback that ‘yoga had helped him to connect to his body in a completely new way.’ Brian a younger talented dancer said that the Laban Movement Analysis helped him to see choreography with endless possibilities and made him realize he had been limiting himself when creating movement. We also received many comments of thanks and appreciation which was very heartwarming for us both.

dance 5

Overall Kasia and I have been blown away by the dedication and eagerness to learn from these very talented young dancers. Their ability and potential as contemporary dancers is exceptional and we are in awe that their learning has been sufficiently limited by occasional classes, youtube and each other; however we worry that their dance futures will struggle with lack of opportunities for training and developing their skills. Our endeavor is to spread not only the word of their talent but also the desperate need for more training opportunities that will help to sustain their unique passion for dance.

Bethan’s September Blog

On Saturday 30th of August I have been doing an Extract of Empty Theatre Dream it was part of the Liberty Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was good. The Performers were Graham, Jackie, and Bethan.


On Thursday 4th of September, I have been Performing at South Bank it was an extract of Empty Theatre Dream. And I have been watching Matiesse on my Mind by Kick up 14 and I have also watched Anjali Dance Company and Slide Performance and Stopgap Dance Company. It was part of the Unlimited Festival.

I did a Performance at Central School Of Speech and Drama it was part of Performance making Diploma Course. The Performance was Called Exit Festival. There were 3 solos, 1 Physical Theatre group and site-specific group. There were 4 performers from Corali who did the Performance making Diploma Course. The Performers are. Ellen, DJ, Graham and Bethan. I have now completed the Course.

On Wednesday 17th of September I went to an open class open day in Brixton I was there to take part and I also lead a cool down. I was there just to Support Kasia and also other people from Corali supporting. The Corali People were Vicky, DJ, Ellen, Graham and Bethan.


I have been doing Support Artist workshops on other Thursday evenings. We have Kasia, Bridget, Carly and victoria leading the Sessions. It was really good.

I have also put more Rehearsals Dates in my diary so I know when it is and where it is and the timings.

Bethan’s May post

On Saturday 12th of April I performed at St Luke’s Hall in Chelsea. The Performance was called Empty Theatre Dream. I enjoyed the performance it was good, my best bit was the diagonal dance and the text. I enjoyed the evening. I liked the other performances it was good. My favourite performance was called Laura Laura.

On Tuesday 15th Of April I went to Carousel Creative Minds Meeting with Ellen in Brighton it was good. We did the Evaluation Feedback from the Creative Minds Conference and the feedback was that they enjoyed watching Empty Theatre Dream, Facefront and Stop Gap Company. They also enjoyed the arts exhibitions and getting information from stalls, networking and the discussions. We also watched the film of the Creative Minds Conference and I found it useful to look at other peoples work. I was not able to see everything as I was performing in the morning session. We also made some changes to the Film and we also did the voice over for the Creative minds conference background for the film. We are hoping to share this once we are happy and it has been edited with the voiceover.


Bethan Spring 2014 update


On Monday 10th of March we took part in the Creative minds Conference in Brighton. The conference was organised by the Steering Committee and I was one of the committee members as well as 5 other artist with learning disabilities. The conference was held in Brighton Dome there were different companies doing different things. The companies were: Face Front Inclusive Theatre Company, Stop Gap Dance Company, Corali Dance Company, Oska Bright film festival and Art Exhibitions by Action Space and Rocket Artists. The conference was about Seeing, Talking and Questioning Quality in the Arts by people with learning disabilities. In the morning I performed Corali’s new performance, Vivid, for the first time, alongside Graham, Jackie and DJ. The performance was about dreams and then there was a talk afterwards.

I enjoyed being part of the Steering committee and I also liked the afternoon performances. My favourite performance was Face Front inclusive Theatre Company. I enjoyed staying over in Premier Inn hotel with Corali Dance Company.

For more information and to discuss Quality in the Arts please visit, please join in the “Talking Area”

I have started doing more Vivid Rehearsals in Dilston Grove and now we are rehearsing in Brixton. We are changing the piece so we can do it in a different space.  We are performing in Church Hall in London on Saturday 12th of April for the Chelsea Arts Collective.

On Tuesday 25th of March I went to an Interview for the Support Artist Course. The interview was in Corali Office.  I got on the Support Artist course.