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[tab title=’Annual Reports and Accounts’]

You can download Corali’s most recent annual reports and accounts by clicking on the link below:

Accounts and Report 2016-17

Accounts and Report 2015-16

Accounts and Report 2014-15

Accounts and Report 2013-14

Account and Report 2012-13

Accounts and Report 2011-12

Accounts and Report 2010-11

[tab title=’Newsletter updates’]

You can download Corali’s most recent Newsletters by clicking on the link below:

Corali NewsletterAutumn 2017


Corali Newsletter Spring 2017

Corali Newsletter Winter 2016

Corali Newsletter Autumn 2016

Corali Newsletter Summer 2016 

Corali Newsletter Spring 2016

Corali Newsletter Winter 2015

Corali Newsletter Autumn 2015

Corali Newsletter Summer 2015

Corali Newsletter Spring 2015

Corali Newsletter Winter 2014

Corali Newsletter Autumn 2014

Corali Newsletter Summer 14

Corali Newsletter Spring 2014

Corali Newsletter Winter 2013

Corali newsletter Summer 2013

Corali newsletter Spring 2013

Corali newsletter winter 2012

Corali newsletter summer 2012

Corali newsletter Spring 2012

[tab title=’Vision for Corali’]

You can download Corali’s Business plans by clicking on the link below:

Accessible Corali Business Plan 2018-19 – 2022

Corali Business Plan 2018-19 – 2022

Buisness Plan 2016-20

Business plan 2011-13

Business Plan 2008-10

[tab title=’Evaluation Reports’]

Evaluation of Corali’s engagement work and our engagement work delivered in partnership with other organisations.

Corali e-Evaluation – Reaching Out


Greenside A Creative School





[tab title=’Corali Policies’]

Corali Safeguarding Policy Statement

Corali Privacy Notice May 2018