National Youth Dance Company review

Venue: Sadler’s Wells

Title: Tarantiseismic

National Youth Dance Company (NYDC). Choreographer: Damien Jalet

NYDC member – Paul Davidson (also member of Corali)

I liked the film at the beginning – it was interesting to know about their process, and very good to see.

Costumes: I liked the black overalls at the start, they looked heavy. I liked the white tops and white trousers, they looked light and Soft.

Space: I liked the big space, it was enough space for the large cast to move around in. I liked how they used the space, when they weren’t dancing they were standing at the sides. I Liked the pattern on the floor – it was very Colourful.

Sound: I liked the timings of the rhythm of the Drums

Lightning: I liked the bright background lights.

Movement: I liked the different styles of movements, and how they danced one by one with the drums in the Middle. I liked the jumping, it was energetic and lively. I liked how they used different parts of their bodies, and how they communicated. Paul’s Solo it was Brilliant

It was good, it was Fantastic.

It’s an easy to get to, it’s a good place and accessible, and is good for wheelchair users.

Bethan Kendrick