Bethan writes about the Triple Bill


I performed at Oval House Theatre as part of Corali’s Triple Bill on 28th February and 1st of March 2017. It was part of Ovalhouse First Bites programme and was a work in progress of Corali’s Dance Company new work. The evening had 3 performances and that was involved a group piece and 2 solo’s. After each of the evening performances we did a post show question answer at the end it was fantastic to get feedback.

Paul performed a solo that he worked on with Jasmin from Studio Wayne McGregor and the group piece was performed by Graham, Venisha, Jackie and DJ from Corali, they also worked with two dancers Pat and Danny.

My solo was based on my drawings that was gathered from research and collecting resources from the Tate alongside IntoArt. I made 3 drawings and these were my scorecards. This was the starting point for making movement, it was complicated to make and it was very long process. I enjoyed performing to an audience, it was a good experience, it was fantastic.

I loved doing my solo, I liked working on my own and that was new for me. I gained new skills and gained a lot of confidence. Trying new things out was a good experience for me. I was very confident and brave to perform in front of an audience. I was very happy!!! I enjoyed being in a theatre and having lighting and the music. It created a great atmosphere. I liked the music that Daniel Weaver had created it made me very cheerful.