Bethan’s May post

On Saturday 12th of April I performed at St Luke’s Hall in Chelsea. The Performance was called Empty Theatre Dream. I enjoyed the performance it was good, my best bit was the diagonal dance and the text. I enjoyed the evening. I liked the other performances it was good. My favourite performance was called Laura Laura.

On Tuesday 15th Of April I went to Carousel Creative Minds Meeting with Ellen in Brighton it was good. We did the Evaluation Feedback from the Creative Minds Conference and the feedback was that they enjoyed watching Empty Theatre Dream, Facefront and Stop Gap Company. They also enjoyed the arts exhibitions and getting information from stalls, networking and the discussions. We also watched the film of the Creative Minds Conference and I found it useful to look at other peoples work. I was not able to see everything as I was performing in the morning session. We also made some changes to the Film and we also did the voice over for the Creative minds conference background for the film. We are hoping to share this once we are happy and it has been edited with the voiceover.