Bethan Spring 2014 update


On Monday 10th of March we took part in the Creative minds Conference in Brighton. The conference was organised by the Steering Committee and I was one of the committee members as well as 5 other artist with learning disabilities. The conference was held in Brighton Dome there were different companies doing different things. The companies were: Face Front Inclusive Theatre Company, Stop Gap Dance Company, Corali Dance Company, Oska Bright film festival and Art Exhibitions by Action Space and Rocket Artists. The conference was about Seeing, Talking and Questioning Quality in the Arts by people with learning disabilities. In the morning I performed Corali’s new performance, Vivid, for the first time, alongside Graham, Jackie and DJ. The performance was about dreams and then there was a talk afterwards.

I enjoyed being part of the Steering committee and I also liked the afternoon performances. My favourite performance was Face Front inclusive Theatre Company. I enjoyed staying over in Premier Inn hotel with Corali Dance Company.

For more information and to discuss Quality in the Arts please visit, please join in the “Talking Area”

I have started doing more Vivid Rehearsals in Dilston Grove and now we are rehearsing in Brixton. We are changing the piece so we can do it in a different space.  We are performing in Church Hall in London on Saturday 12th of April for the Chelsea Arts Collective.

On Tuesday 25th of March I went to an Interview for the Support Artist Course. The interview was in Corali Office.  I got on the Support Artist course.