Bethan January 2014 update

I am writing a short update for the Corali Blog.

On Tuesday 21st of January I went to Carousel Creative minds meeting in Brighton with Sarah, Ellen. We did planning for the Conference. We looked at Roles of the Conference. We also looked at the money side of the Conference. We looked at the Questions for Performers and Artists. And we also looked at how we can start the conference by doing the introduction. And the layout of the Breakout groups. And we also looked at how we can take notes in the breakout groups.

I have started a new Course at Central School of speech and Drama. The course is called performance Arts in making Diploma there are 15 people on the Course including 4 Corali Dancers. The course based on Theatre, Playing, Devising and storytelling through our Bodies. The course is new to me and I made new friends. And having a Buddy system on the course. That was Helpful. The teachers are nice.

I have been doing Rehearsals with Sarah and Jacobus at Oval. The Rehearsals are going very well we are making a new show called Vivid and the show we are making is going to be part of Creative minds Conference on Monday 10th of March in Brighton. I like talking out alive about Africa dream and Theatre dream as well.