Autumn 2013 update

Corali Dance Company_Chroma_2013

On Sunday 21st of July, I was performing at Lambeth Country Show. The Performance was called Timepieces. I performed with Jackie and DJ we used new ideas for the performance we used pathways, journeys and also about traffic and underpass, we used these ideas to make a duet.

I have been performing at Siobhan Davis Dance Studios on Saturday 29th of June. The Performance was called Chroma, We used different new ideas, we used texture, objects, Colours, Sequences. And working with objects and dancing with the objects to make new sequences to make a performance.

On Sunday 8th of September. I have been performing at Pottersfield it was Team London Live Arts Event. The Performance was called Timepieces. I Performed with Jackie and DJ.

On Wednesday the 11th of September. I have been performing at the Lion Unicorn Theatre it was part of the Golive festival. I have Performed Timepieces with Jackie and DJ. It was good. I have enjoyed the other performances, as well it was good.

On Saturday the 13th of July, DJ and Jackie was Performing at South Bank centre. They performed Timepieces duet it was part of the neighbourhood Festival.

On Tuesday 17th of September we had Carousel Creative minds Steering Committee meeting at Oval. We talked about The website and the logo’s with Mark Pavey. We also did changing the flyer. We also did logo’s creative minds but we decided to have the changes to the name of creative minds logo. We also talked about the conference we also looked at different Jobs and we also went through the conference timetable and we also choose conference logo for the flyer.

On Wednesday the 18th of September. We did Professional Development Class in Brixton. We did warm up. Then we talked about parts of the body we looked at Spines. Then we travelled to one side of the room and to other side of the room by dancing and working with Different levels of your Spine talked about Skelton and how it works we also did floor work. We also worked in groups.

We also went to Intoart Event at Victoria Albert Museum it was good we looked at Intoart Art work and we watch Intoart talk and listened to presentation. The Artwork was good. I enjoyed it

Nicole Gallery review

group at Tate Britain

On 3rd April I went to Schwitters in Britain exhibition at Tate Britain by bus with Corali dance group and staff. When every one got to the exhibition we gave our bags to staff that worked at exhibition. After seeing the exhibition we had a talk and were put into small groups. In the groups people went round different parts of building and picked pictures they liked.

Before we went to the Exhibition we first went upstairs to watch video with the group, I was scared because of the music playing in background. We then went into the exhibition which had lots to see with good art work the whole class said it was a place they had not been to before which help them think of ideas to make dance. We went around in small groups and talked about the art work and I spoke about how we could put those ideas into dance. It was a nice sunny day with no rain. The group was not happy as we had to sit outside on a wall and have our lunch because the canteen could not fit all of us in. We got our bags and left to go back to dance studio by bus.

When we came back we used different objects like shoes, hats, bags, boxes, coat, blankets and scarves to create our own pictures like what we saw at the exhibition. Then people made it into a group dance and made different dances and we also talked about how the pictures were made at the exhibition.