Bethan’s May update

On Thursday the 18th of April. I helped Jacobus to lead a workshop with one of Corali Volunteers, Serena. The workshop was taking place in Brixton. I also helped Jacobus and Serena to plan the Workshop. I did a demonstration with Jacobus as an example of making contacts. Then we did duets and then we had 2 lines and we did connections on separate lines in pairs and we did some travelling with connections.

We have started back Professional Development Class last Wednesday 24th of April. We shared new ideas and going over what we did last term. We did sequences of colours and objects. Then we did paintings by using a body part and to travel with that body part. Then we had a line across the room and we travelled with our painting to another person.

I have been working with Bede project for 3 days. The Dates were 15th 22nd, 29th of April. It was at Dilston Grove we were looking at different props like tubes, boxes, sheets we were making a dance from the props in different groups. It was good. My best bit was the Boxes. I enjoyed doing the project it was good. I like to work with Bede again they are brilliant people to work with. I like to do the project again because I enjoyed it.