Bethan’s April post 2013

I have been doing Side-by-Side Rehearsals in Brighton, Oval and at South Bank with Rocket Artists to create and make a performance for the Side-by-Side exhibition at South Bank. The Performance was good. I enjoyed looking at the exhibition. My best bit was picking Emma the Doll up and the Horses head. We also did a Symposium Workshop that was part of Side-by-Side exhibition too. There were different Workshops like Rocket Artists, Stopgap, Corali, Heart ‘n Soul, Project Volume and Intoart.

On Wednesday’s we did Professional Development Class in Brixton we looked at objects to make a dance from one of the objects. We also did group evaluation to talk about our strengths what we’re good at. We made this into a movement sequence and we also did a ‘trusting other people’ game, by supporting each other. I thought was interesting.

We also had Easter Holiday to relax and enjoy Easter Break. And then we will go back to Class after a break to start with new ideas.

I am now working on a new project that is a collaboration between Corali and Bede.  We are working on sculptures and dance by using and looking at objects like boxes, tubes and sheets and how we move by using these objects we also looked at photographs of sculptures – it was good and interesting workshop. I enjoyed it.

I have also been to Intoart meeting to talk about the project that we worked on  with Intoart at Tate Modern. We watched the film and then we had discussion about it and also we talked about how we can develop the project it was good I enjoyed it.