Bethan’s April post

I am writing a update for Corali Blog.

On Wednesday 14th of March we had a visitor Jaya to do a workshop with us it was clowning.
It was good and it was fun. I enjoyed doing it. We did walking around the space using our voices we used different things like hula hoops, buckets we had to travel other side of the room using our body and we had to wear red noses for doing different activity like using an object feeling of it and work with it.

On Thursday 15th of March we had a choreographer Called Rosemary Butcher, she did a workshop with us. We had to do different journeys. We had to lie down and print our body and think about memories. We had to roll into our body’s and we had to connect and touching with another person. We had to use the floor and using parts of your body, we did this using the floor and standing up. Then we had to map a window and imagine it and then we danced to it using different levels and we had to write different journeys and we did drawings of a view from our window.

On Monday 26th and 27th of March we had Daniel to do workshops with us. We had to do different senses and we did listening doing warm up. We used different objects we had to look at the objects like technology things then we had to do improvisations and make a dance then we had to do it in different sections and we had to play with it and work with it using technology. And we improvised with technology.

On Every Wednesday’s we have regular classes we do looking at different kinds of music, walking to the beat and looking at different props we been looking at lighting we did about shadows by using Torches and we had to use eye contact for walking around the space we had to learn routines then we had to do our own dances with the props then we had to dance different kinds of music.

Every once month on a Tuesday afternoon. I come in to do volunteering in the office. I do answering the phone, Recycling, Photocopying, doing letters, addressing the envelopes , franking, doing Corali blog. Typing up minutes, making notes, recording out of Office message and making phone calls.

I feel happy and enjoyable and I feel excited. And I feel confident and I feel comfortable and I feel motivated.

I am looking forward to making more new dances and also making new choreographies and playing with new ideas.