Bethan’s Pedestrian Filming

This is about my Filming at the weekend, March 4th. Just to let you know that it went very well and I enjoyed doing it.

I was with other People in a group there was 17 people doing it. We were in green screen and we had to walk in line altogether  then we did it as individuals. Then we had to go in separate lines and we had walk across the room and I had to do it in duet with 1 person on my side then with another person from other side of the room. Then we had walk Backwards to other side of the room. First we had to do it as individuals then we had to do it in pairs then we did it in 3s then we had walk in line altogether with your arms swinging.

Bethan’s latest post

I am writing a short update for the Corali Blog. Here is the short update.

On a Wednesday morning there are 14 people that attend the regular classes at Brixton Arts Space we do a warm up then we do a simple routine. Then we work with partners and develop ideas from the video we watched of Pina Bausch. After that we learned the moves altogether, then we split up in different groups to go over the moves ourselves, then we performed it in 2 lines.

On a Wednesday afternoon we have a student from Middlesex University to work with Corali, she’s called Becky and we do different things like warm up walking around the space, doing memory game and then we created a food personality and opposites routine! Then we split up and went over the routine and with different levels and made it bigger. I liked the hot chilli routine, that was good I enjoyed it.

On a Tuesday afternoon or sometimes Wednesday afternoon I come into the Corali Office to volunteer. I sometimes work with Andrea and also sometimes with Sarah. I do different things like doing letters, addressing envelopes, recycling, photocopying, the franking machine, phone calls and doing the Corali Blog, facebook page and typing meeting minutes. I also answer the phone and record the Out of Office message.

I am Starting the Compass Project at Sadler’s Wells. I will be working with choreographers and some of Corali Performers who will be in it. I will be doing Rehearsals and then performing on 23rd of April 2012. I will be performing on Sadler’s wells main stage. I will be doing stage Rehearsals and Dress Rehearsal’s.